Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Our gourmet butterfly popcorn is exceptional because it’s grown in Nebraska by family farmers using no chemical nitrogen fertilizer. This farming practice keeps our air and water cleaner for all of us! Also, it’s totally delicious and crunch-tastic for all of your family movie nights and get-togethers

Cooking Instructions

Place 1/2 cup popcorn and 2 tbsp oil in a heavy pot on the stove. Cover and shake over medium high heat until popping stops.

Seasoning Ideas

Switch things up and get creative with your Connect popcorn by adding parmesan, everything bagel seasoning, cayenne & lime, or butter & salt!

Our Promise

Our popcorn is fluffy, crunchy, and better for humans and the planet.

grown using no chemical nitrogen fertilizer

Chemical nitrogen fertilizer is responsible for 7% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions

Our methods contribute to cleaner air

Less chemical nitrogen fertilizer means less nitrous oxide, which leads to smog and acid rain

Our methods help keep the waters clean

Less chemical nitrogen fertilizer means cleaner rivers, lakes, and oceans.

How we're better

Changing how food is grown

Our goal is to transform agriculture by reducing chemical nitrogen fertilizer usage, which accounts for 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Since our popcorn is grown with no chemical nitrogen fertilizer, we promote a healthier, cleaner environment by reducing nitrogen runoff in our waterways. The result is cleaner water and air for us all, and one craveable, satisfying snack.

How we’re different

Why choose connect?

We love our farmers and believe in rewarding them for growing food in a better way. We pay our family farmers a 100% premium for their crops, and your support makes this happen! Our snacks are a truly delicious step towards improving how food is grown.