5 Reasons Why Connect Is Better For You And The Planet!

1. Grown Without Chemical Nitrogen Fertilizer

Connect’s Gourmet Butterfly Yellow Popcorn is grown without the use of chemical nitrogen fertilizer, which contributes to cleaner air and water!

2. Large and Crunchy Popcorn Kernels

Sick of bland popcorn with hard-to-chew kernels? Connect has the freshest kernels because we work directly with family farmers who grow the highest quality kernels.

3. Made With Real Herbs and Spices

We make our microwave popcorn with real herbs and spices, and none of that artificial butter flavor that you get at the movie theater. No artificial ingredients, means better tasting popcorn with an irresistible crunch.

4. Naturally Delicious and Non-GMO

Our popcorn is 100% whole grain, non-GMO, and a good source of nutritious fiber. Popcorn is a better-for-you snack!

5. We Connect Consumers to American Farmers with Sustainable Growing Practices

We make a point of knowing the farmers that we work with! They are the greatest stewards of the land and their responsible farming practices are better for the planet.