Because our microwave popcorn is better for you (50% less saturated fat compared to microwave popcorn with palm oil), the cooking instructions are different from other microwave popcorn that you’ve tried. After you’ve popped the popcorn, just add oil and shake!

Watch our quick video on how to make Connect's microwave popcorn

Our Best Advice 

  • Lots of unpopped popcorn kernels after 3 minutes: If you have a microwave that is also a convection oven that toasts, put the popcorn bag on top of an upside down microwave-safe plate before microwaving and cook the popcorn for longer (up to 8 minutes). Stay and listen - stop the microwave as soon as the popping slows down to 1 second in between pops. 
  • Lots of unpopped popcorn kernels: If your bag is looking a little empty, try cooking it for a little longer next time. Stay and listen - stop the microwave as soon as the popping slows down to 1 second in between pops.  
  • Uneven flavor: The empty space at the top of the bag is the Seasoning Zone! Use this space to shake the popcorn and evenly distribute all that flavor. Hold the bag sideways and shake it like you mean it for 30 seconds - up and down and side to side. This helps the seasoning reach every piece of popcorn. 
  • Not enough flavor: Measure and add one tablespoon of your favorite oil (try avocado, sunflower, or hazelnut). If you're pouring straight from an oil canister, you may not be adding enough. The oil helps the yummy seasoning stick to the popcorn.  
  • Burned popcorn: Popcorn can burn in just a few seconds in a microwave! You overcooked it - try cooking for less time.

Here are some other expert tips:

  • Don't stop the microwave to peek in on your popcorn! Popcorn pops because the water inside the kernel gets so hot that it escapes and turns the whole kernel inside out. If you stop the microwave, you cool that water down and it won't ever pop :(
  • Seriously, don't use the popcorn button. It doesn't know what's up and tends to burn popcorn!
  • The best way to know if your popcorn is done is by sticking around (do a stretch while you wait!) and stopping it when the popping slows down to 1 second in between pops.  
  • It's typical to have unpopped kernels - it's better to stop popping early than to burn your popcorn!