Microwave Popcorn That's Better For You and The Planet!

Try Microwave Popcorn With a Better Bag (No Plastic or Chemical Coating)

Our innovative popping bag does not have a chemical or a plastic coating. No more microwaving your popcorn in plastic!

Better For You

Meet our new microwave popcorn! With 50% less saturated fat compared to microwave popcorn with palm oil, you can feel great about our super tasty snack. Our gourmet flavors are made with real herbs and spices (no artificial ingredients): Butter & Garlic, Butter & Herbs, Butter & Chipotle, and Sea Salt. For poppin’ times for you and the whole family, for movie nights, snack time, and everything in between, Connect is here to bring wholesome flavorful fun!


Better For The Planet

Our non-GMO popcorn is grown by farmers like Brandon Hunnicutt in Nebraska. They’re growing food using no chemical nitrogen fertilizer, which contributes to cleaner air and water! Our farm-to-table approach means that we offer the highest quality popcorn on the market. Your delicious popcorn purchase directly supports trusted fifth-generation farmers like Brandon.

Our Poppin' Philosophy

Cleaner Air

Less chemical nitrogen fertilizer means less nitrous oxide, which leads to smog and acid rain.

Cleaner Water

Less chemical nitrogen fertilizer means cleaner rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Naturally Good

Our popcorn is 100% whole grain, non-GMO, and grown in Nebraska, using no chemical nitrogen fertilizer.

What Others Are Saying

Just Add Oil & Shake!

Our healthy & delicious popcorn is also super simple to make! We don't use palm oil (we like trees!) so you can choose your favorite oil to make your popcorn. After you’ve popped the popcorn, just add 1 tablespoon of avocado, sunflower, or your favorite oil and shake. The oil helps the tasty seasoning stick to your popcorn and shaking distributes its evenly! Shake and enjoy!