Connect's Gourmet Butterfly Yellow Popcorn Kernels Will Be Your New Favorite Snack


Tastes Like Movie Theater Popcorn

Our popcorn is known to pop up the largest kernels! Our family farmers provide movie theaters with popcorn, too. Pop our popcorn at home on the stovetop, in an air-popper, or in the microwave for an easy, delicious snack that's a good source of fiber.


Farmed Sustainably

Our non-GMO popcorn is grown by farmers like Brandon Hunnicutt in Nebraska. He uses no synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, which contributes to cleaner air and water. This farm-to-table approach means that we offer the highest quality popcorn!


Better for You and the Earth

This popcorn contributes to cleaner air and water for all of us. That's because it's grown by farmers without any synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, which accounts for 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions (that's 2x that of air travel)!


Support Family Farmers

We work directly with farmers to bring you the best quality popcorn. By purchasing Connect popcorn, you're supporting these dedicated fifth-generation family farmers and farming practices that keep our air and water cleaner.


Easily Make Popcorn Your Way

In just a few minutes, you can effortlessly make popcorn that's just right for you. A healthy afternoon snack or a movie night treat - it's up to you! Try topping with parmesan, everything bagel seasoning, or cayenne and lime.